I recently suffered two rather debilitating strokes which have put me out of circulation since June 2016 and made me unable to do any work at all. Hopefully as I recover, after this difficult life-changing event- and following much reflection on the question of where I go from here, I will be able to find some meaningful creative way of spending my next 20 years or so fruitfully.

So...watch this space!


IN 2016

May 1st

Awarded a 'Golden Earphones Award 2016' from Audiofile Magazine, USA, for Excellence in my shared narration of Lost and Found by Brooke Davis.

Just released on Audible, Amazon and iTunes...my production and narration of:
'Churchill in Africa: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria'. recorded in my home studio...this is a rare and fascinating record of letters sent from the then Morning Post's War Correspondent..a very young Winston Churchill, relating quite graphically to it's distant and rather select group of readers in Great Britain, the progress of The Boer War, culminating in his very telling descriptions of the infamous siege and subsequent relief of Ladysmith.

Recorded three more audiobooks, one for Red Apple Creative...two from my personal home studio for Audible.. who's subjects range from CHINA, GNOSIS and ASPERGERS SYNDROME.

One Medical v/o
One Medical In-house and conference interactive video for a major Pharma Company.  

CLICK HERE FOR:AUDIBLE to see and hear narration samples of my many audiobooks.

Last November 2015: 
Providing double-cover for the roles of La Cuadra (Edward Peel) and Metastasio (Colin Hurley) in the sell-out play:

at The Duke of York's Theatre, London. Until 6th December 2016 
and previously: 
Recorded three episodes of UNIT for Big Finish Productions with Jemma Redgrave. 
Here's My


Joined the Farinelli and The King company with Mark Rylance at The Duke of York's Theatre for emergency role cover 

I played Cornelius and covered  Polonius and The Ghost in Benedict Cumberbatch's record-breaking HAMLET. Directed by Lyndsey Turner at The Barbican Theatre, London. 

Narrated 'Kingdom of Darkness' by Andy McDermott.

Oakhill Audio 
Covered the roles of Sims and Doyle in

Headlong Theatre's former Royal Court Theatre production of:THE NETHER
by Jennifer Hale.

At The Duke of York's Theatre, London.
Voiced readings for BBC Radio 3 interval feature on The Congress of Vienna. 
Narrated the new interactive tour-guide for APSLEY HOUSE (No 1 London) The former residence of The Duke of Wellington.
Narrated and produced the audiobook version of
Matthew Lewis'  historical novel about Richard III:  Loyalty.
Now available on  Audible and iTunes.
Played Graham Findlay in The New Horizons episode of series 4 of Counter Measures. For Big Finish Productions.
At the RNIB studios in Camden Town...Narrated all the 'Karl The Touch Typist' chapters, set in Australia, in 'Lost and Found' for Random House/Penguin Audio books.
Another one from the Jack Higgins stable...Rain on the Dead. Recorded at White House Sound.Reprieved my roles as The Archmage, and the Zombie, Gulliver in Part Two of the PC Game:The Book of Unwritten Stories

Narrated: Churchill's Secret Warriors by Damien Lewis.

Narrated: The World's War by David Olusoga

Sneaked in a very erudite (long words) Medical read for Croft TV
Another for the Audible site...The Advertising Effect....a book that takes the psychological lid off the advertising world by Australian Ad-Guru Adam Farrar. An interesting read.

Guesting in Blake's 7!...I played mystery man Kramer in the last episode of the latest series for Big Finish. Great to meet and work with Paul Darrow, Stephen Pacey and Michael Keating amongst others, and with guest Beverley Hills. A real walk down nostalgia lane for me...all joyfully directed by lovely Lisa Bowerman.
I made a return to the OMUK studio to record more of my roles as The Arch-Mage, Markus and Skull in The Book of Unwritten Tales Part 2...good game-playing fun.

Wow...I have now completed the fourth in Mike Shevdon's  Mystic-Gritty 'The Eighth Court...Vol IV The Kingdom of the Fayre.

High-speed narration of an action-packed thriller, (exhausting and exhilarating, a bit like reading a Bruce Willis action movie!) The Valhalla Prophecy, for Oakhill Audio.

Great fun playing another dubious villain in VIENNA with Chase Masterson for Big Finish Prods

I really enjoyed narrating the brilliant RESEARCH, the new thriller by Philip Kerr. 

Nice to work with Peter Davison, as The Doctor, playing Pik Solus, in Mistfall, for Big Finish Dr Who Audio.

Finally got a chance to play Jack The Ripper!  In The Devil's Workshop: The 3rd in The

Inspector Day Victorian Police thriller and pretty gruesome read by Alex Grecian. Recorded at whiteHouse Sound 

Austin Stevens-Snakemaster....his auto-biography, recently recorded at Electric Breeze Audio in Oxford. ( I learned a lot about snakes!)

To the new Soundhouse studios to record The Spy Who Changed The World by Mike Rossiter, for Strathmore Audio.

 A variety of Characters both English and American in Big Finish Audio Download..Night of the Triffids

A  fast moving Jack Higgins Thriller - Death Trade for Whitehouse Studios

Followed immediately by the gritty cop thriller - Angel of Death by Ben Cheetham, set in the North East of England.

Two more works by Sir Max Hastings, recorded at Rushforth's Archway studios:

Das Reich


I have now finished RED WINTER by Dan Smith a Brooding Russian Revolution quest novel...for Oakhill Audio at their Manchester Studio. Serious stuff.

Recorded MOON BEAR by Gill Lewis for Oakhill Audio at the Chiswick Studio. Moon Bear is a charming, though sometimes harrowing  young people's story, set in Laos.

Narrated: 'SIXTY ONE NAILS' by Mike Shevdon, Book 1 from 'The Courts of The Feyre' trilogy. Followed it up with 'THE ROAD TO BEDLAM' (Book 2),


All recorded at at Chatterbox Studios, Box, Wiltshire.

2013 Archive

In  December 2013, I completed narrating  thirteen of the thirty-four book canon in  the

'John Coffin' Detective novels, by Gwendoline Butler, for Rushforth Audio. Go to: Audible.com: And follow the progress of John Coffin, as he progresses from from humble PC on the beat, to The Commander of The Second City Police Force, in these Great crime stories...set in Greenwich and Docklands, London, from the late 1940's to the late 1990's.

Recorded The 'Black Country' by Alex Grecian at White House Sound Studios

Played Pallaine and Bourg (One for The Mortuary) and Steeds Boss (Please Don't feed The Animals) in two newly recorded 'The Lost' AVENGERS episodes, from Big Finish Productions. Volume 1 out January 2014. Volume 2 out July

Episode 3 of 'Fry's English Delight'...recorded a comic sketch with Nina Wadia, for BBC Radio4. Broadcast 9th September.

Narrated 'CATASTROPHE: Europe Goes To War 1914' by Sir Max Hastings parts 1 & 2

and..the controversial 18th Century Gothic novel by Matthew Lewis: THE MONK.

Early 2013

Nominated for a BAFTA, AS Performer in 'DEAR ESTHER', at the British Academy Game Awards, March 5th 2013.